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A message from Moyra’s children

7 April 2014
by Stratford

Moyra Caldecott’s children have recently finished moving Moyra into the Woodland Grove Care Home in Bath, and selling her house in Southdown. Her possessions have been distributed, many of them brought to the Home where she is living comfortably surrounded by her favourite objects and artefacts – books, paintings, blown glass, geological exhibits, and so on.

At the age of 87, being unable now to speak or write, construct sentences or find words, she is limited in what she can do. Nevertheless she seems quite happy, and her children visit when they can. Julian is closest, since he lives in Bath. Rachel lives in southern France. Stratford, the eldest, lives in Oxford, but is hampered by prostate cancer which he has been fighting for three years.

We plan to post here information about Moyra’s interests and any relevant activities of her children. This site should be a way to continue Moyra’s presence on the Web. Her numerous published books, most of them remaining in print thanks to the work of Mushroom Publishing, are a stimulus to read as she would read. She was fascinated by folklore and mythology, art, history, and cosmology.

Those subjects and others will be followed here on the Moyra Caldecott web pages. We hope you drop by from time to time!

Stratford, Julian, and Rachel Caldecott

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