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Atlantis: The Crystal in the Bermuda Triangle

Atlantis: The Crystal in the Bermuda Triangle

(from Crystal Legends by Moyra Caldecott, Chapter 26)

It seems Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic and healer of Virginia Beach, Florida, predicted that Atlantis would be discovered in 1968. In a series of explorations that began in 1968 Dr Ray Brown, a professional diver, discovered what he was convinced was an underwater Atlantean city in the area popularly called The Bermuda Triangle – an area where there seem to have been an extraordinary number of mysterious happenings this century.

Not far from Bimini he and his crew were searching for sunken Spanish galleons in the hope of finding treasure. Immensely strong magnetic readings were registered in the area. Nothing was found on that occasion, but Ray Brown was not satisfied and returned with a fresh crew. This time an accident occurred and Dr Brown experienced death. He describes feeling shock at the blow to his head from the propeller of a fishing boat, followed by a deep sense of relaxation and peace. He felt himself expanding until he not only encompassed the whole world sphere, but the universe as well.

He was dragged out of the water and pronounced dead. Suddenly he felt the life-force returning and jerked as though experiencing an electric shock.

Two weeks later he set off for the same area with four new divers. They were caught up in an enormously powerful tropical storm – a storm which not only damaged their boat but stirred up the sand on the sea bed. It was thus that they found the remains of a huge underwater city. Excitedly they explored it. At one point Brown, who was separated from the others, looked up and was dazzled by the beams of sunlight breaking through the water on to a gigantic pyramid apparently made of highly polished stone – so highly polished indeed that it resembled a mirror.

On closer examination he found it was made of a blue stone that resembled lapis lazuli. He swam round and round it in amazement and on the third pass noticed an opening and swam through it. He found himself in a rectangular chamber with a peaked ceiling (rather like the chamber in the Pyramid of Kephren at Giza, Egypt, I assume). From this ceiling “a two inch diameter gold-coloured metallic rod hung straight downward, and beneath it was a pedestal, on which were metallic hands directed upward. In their grasp rested a perfectly formed crystal sphere. Around the pedestal were seven very large stone chairs.” Brown’s air supply was running out and he knew he had very little time. He tried to dislodge the golden rod but could not. He managed, however, to take possession of the crystal sphere. It seemed to him at that moment he felt an ominous presence in the chamber and heard a voice telling him to leave and never return.

He hurried back to the surface with his prize and, according to the article I read, has it still. It has tremendous energy. Dr Brown has become a healer and uses the crystal in his work. Heeding the warning he never returned to the place where he had found it, but sadly, the four divers who were with him did. All four were drowned. Brown says that no more tragic and mysterious disappearances have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle since the removal of the crystal.


So many experiences connected with the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis are told these days that one does not know what to believe, or rather, on what level they are to be accepted as reality.

All this may well have happened – literally – and Dr Brown may indeed have a crystal in his possession that came from ancient Atlantis. But whether it did or not – whether Dr Brown was suffering from delusions caused by lack of oxygen or not – the story he tells is rich in mythological significance and as such has a reality we would do well to accept.

He is swimming in the ocean of consciousness. He is dazzled by blinding light (like Saul on the way to Damascus). He sees a pyramid the shape of which, as the ancient Egyptians very well knew, draws one’s awareness away from the “four-square” world and points it towards the heavens. The pyramid is blue like lapis lazuli – the most sacred stone of the ancient Egyptians, brought all the way from the Afghan mountains and used in their sacred images for the eyes of the gods. It is shining like a mirror – the mirror in which one faces oneself – one’s Self. He swims round three times – the classic number of initiation. He enters through darkness into the light interior of a sacred space. The gold bar from the ceiling is conducting the energy from the highest source of spirit to the earth, where the transformer, the crystal sphere, is waiting to receive it.

The neophyte takes the crystal. He has won it, if you like, by a long process of preparation: his vision in the “death” state; his courage in choosing to dive again after his accident; his persistence…

Note that the process started by his looking for treasure in the worldly sense, and ended with his finding treasure in the spiritual sense: the capacity to heal.

Seven chairs are around the crystal. Seven Adepts or Masters must have sat there in the ancient days transmitting the energy to the world. Seven is a number redolent with mythic power. That they sat in chairs suggests that they were in a relaxed state of meditation. They were not frantically working knobs and dials and pushing buttons. The energy was passing through their bodies and in the process becoming safer for humans to use. Brown himself uses the crystal with the energy of his own body, and so the energy transmitted is limited to what his own body can contain and pass on. If he had succeeded in taking away with him the whole Atlantean apparatus without the control of the seven Magi, who knows how much damage he might have done.

Like all sacred knowledge it is guarded against misuse. Those who are not ready for it may not have it. He is warned not to return, and those who do are drowned.


A journal called Spirals edited by Vivienne Verdon-Roe, 1978. Report on a talk by Dr Ray Brown given at the Clearlight Foundation Conference, December 1977.

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