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Moyra at St James Wine Vaults, Bath

Moyra Caldecott will be one of the featured poets on 30th October 2009 at St James Wine Vaults, 10 St James Street, Bath BA1 2TW.

“What a Performance” is an evening of poetry, story-telling, and music and songs. Please go along — the more the merrier.

Although Moyra will be attending, friends will be reading her poems as, due to a stroke, Moyra is unable to speak coherently.

On listening to a poet reading his own poem

Words spin and circle
like diamonds in a whirlpool.
I catch only some
and fill in the blanks
from my own source pool,
inventing my own poem
as the poet’s words
pass by.
A kingfisher’s wing
flashes in the sun
and dazzles me.
I pass out of understanding
into a region
of pure beauty
and coast in
on a different meaning.

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