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The Waters of Sul

It is 72 AD, and most of Britain is under Roman domination. At Aquae Sulis, a place of pilgrimage and healing, hot waters gush ceaselessly from the earth. Since ancient times the waters have been associated with the supernatural, and are under the protection of the Celtic Goddess Sul. The Romans have renamed her Sulis Minerva, and have tamed the steaming waters to form a complex of public baths.

A statue of the hated Emperor Claudius is being erected in the precincts of the Temple of Sulis Minerva. The centurion Decius Brutus, a Celt, is ordered to return to his home town to protect the statue and prevent trouble. But the local people, led by his proud father and his fiery daughter, Megan, are threatening rebellion…

Meanwhile, Megan’s twin sister Ethne is torn between her destiny as Oracle of Sul, and her love for Lucius, who is caught up in his own quest for spiritual enlightenment, with the help of the Orphic priest Demosthenes.

Twenty miles away, on Glastonia Island, a small Christian community struggles to establish a new religion in a hostile land, away from Roman persecution.

Cults from Rome, Greece, Egypt and Judaea vie with the native Celtic beliefs and form a rich backdrop to the human dramas that unfold.

The Waters of Sul is set in a time of transition and adjustment, when beliefs are questioned and loyalties are tested. Love and hate, conflict and reconciliation, troubled romance and an uneasy traffic with the supernatural all feature in this brilliantly conceived novel from a masterful storyteller.

Originally published by Bladud Books as Aquae Sulis. See “Living memories that inspire the mythical writer” for the reasons for the change of title.


“Moyra Caldecott’s latest book is one of her best ever! A well-crafted and moving story that brings Roman Britain to life in all its dramatic glory. Subtle characterisation, human dilemma and the age old struggle of one religion against another make this a powerful, moving and exciting read.” John Matthews, author.

“…fascinating and engrossing …” Anne McCaffrey

“Like all the best fiction, [The Waters of Sul] can be enjoyed on many levels … a well-researched and well-plotted novel … page-turning action and a wealth of characters.” Quality Womens’ Fiction

“… the author is so immersed in her subject that no trace of fantasising or contrivance is apparent. Like Joan Grant, she lives her work. Because it is so well done it is believable… The civilisation pictured here is based on many sources: historical, mythological and frankly speculative. A good novel.” The Glasgow Herald


“It’s just wonderful!! You have such an easy way of writing and it carries such incredible growth lessons and profound truths.” N. in Salem

“Thankyou for bringing all the disconnected scraps of information we have about that period to life, in such a brilliant, ripe, readable way… I shall recommend the book to lots of people. Books that bring history to life are few and far between.” K.J. in Bath


PAPERBACKlittlejohn coverlittlejohn back cover
Publisher: Bladud Books, UK
Publication Date: 1997
Format: 288pp. Paperback
ISBN: 1899142274
Price: £6.99/$11.99
Availability: In Print
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Publisher: Mushroom eBooks, UK
Publication Date: September 2000
Format: various eBook formats
ISBN: various
Price: $5.99
Availability: Mushroom eBooks

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