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Guardians of the Tall Stones
by Moyra Caldecott
Bladud Books

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Availability: In Print

Publisher: Celestial Arts, USA
Copyright Date: 1986
Format: 521pp. Paperback
ISBN: 0890874638
Price: $16.95/�13.99 or thereabouts

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eBooks editions will be forthcoming early 2006 from Mushroom eBooks.

GUARDIANS OF THE TALL STONES was originally published as three separate novels:

The Tall Stones
(first published in Great Britain by Rex Collings Ltd, 1977)

This book has been called "one of the great esoteric novels of the 20th century", and has been continuously in print for 23 years.

The first of three novels set in Bronze Age Britain, a society focused around the great circles of Sacred Stones scattered across the landscape. It tells the story of a community threatened by the evil designs of Wardyke, a corrupt and ambitious priest, and its only defence, the courageous young psychic, Kyra. But to defend her community, Kyra must enter the forbidden circle of stones and call upon its unseen, mystical powers...

The Temple of the Sun
(first published in Great Britain by Rex Collings Ltd, 1977)

The second book of The Sacred Stones Trilogy, continuing the story of Kyra�s hazardous journey undertaken with Karne and Fern to the Sacred Temple where Kyra is to receive her training as a priestess, and renew her love for the Lord Khu-ren. But a malevolent spirit still opposes them. Wardyke has returned, and his influence has already permeated the sanctity of the Temple. Kyra is forced once again to face the evil Magician-Priest, whose thirst for revenge and power threatens the balance between good and evil...

Moyra Caldecott sees the "Temple of the Sun" as Avebury in Wiltshire, and the "College of Star Studies" as Stonehenge.

Shadow on the Stones
(first published in Great Britain by Rex Collings Ltd, 1978)

This book continues the story of Kyra, priest of the Temple of the Sun, who, with her husband the Lord Khu-ren, has guided their civilization to a time of spiritual strength, psychic energy, and communal peace. But there is a shadow on the Stones --the spreading influence of the terrible god Groth, dark god of chaos and barbarity. Only the priests of the Temple have the means to resist the tides of destruction...

The Silver Vortex is the sequel to The Guardians of the Tall Stones

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