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    A selection of press cuttings about Moyra Caldecott's books.

John Matthews, author of The Unknown Arthur February 1998 about The Waters of Sul:
"Moyra Caldecott's latest book is one of her best ever! A well-crafted and moving story that brings Roman Britain to life in all its dramatic glory. Subtle characterisation, human dilemma and the age old struggle of one religion against another make this a powerful, moving and exciting read."

Research into Lost Knowledge Newsletter No.29 Autumn/Winter 1986 about The Son Of The Sun:
"I found this a well-written compelling novel in which the author has combined fact with fiction well..."

Gothic Image Books by Mail: New and Imaginative Fiction 1988 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"What makes the three books in this single volume different from most of their kind is the extraordinary sympathy of the author for the time and place about which she writes. There is a strong esoteric interest which makes for deeper reading."

About The Silver Vortex:
"... fascinating mixture of fantasy and occult wisdom."

About The Son Of The Sun
"The story of spiritual and psychic powers tested to their limits. More than a little reincarnational memory here. A lovely book."

About Etheldreda
"Wise and satisfying novel�"

The Guardian 8th December 1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones
"�a brilliantly imagined sequence of novels set in Bronze Age Britain."

The Glasgow Herald 30 Nov.1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones
"�the author is so immersed in her subject that no trace of fantasising or contrivance is apparent. Like Joan Grant, she lives her work. Because it is so well done it is believable... The civilisation pictured here is based on many sources: historical, mythological and frankly speculative. �a good novel."

American Library Booklist July 1st 1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones
"Equally compelling as psychological or historical fiction."

Times Educational Supplement, 18th November 1977, about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"She uses the substance of legends, the ancient symbolism of religion and folklore, and a firm belief in the actual, vital energies of the earth to weave an adventure story of the battle between good and evil that combines an unsentimental mysticism with a compassionate understanding of human relations. ... It is a book that can be appreciated at many levels."

Anne McCaffrey in a letter to the publisher of Guardians Of The Tall Stones
"These are fascinating and engrossing stories."

Parabola: The Quarterly of Myth and Meaning, New York. Vol.4.No.4 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"Books about magic are commonplace, but books that actually work magic are rare. Moyra Caldecott's trilogy is one of these rarities."

Soluna No.14 June 1981 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"There are two basic reasons why we decided to select this trilogy for a special mention: first, they draw on the wisdom of ages past, but in such a manner as to suggest that we do not return to this past but draw the ancient consciousness of attunement with 'cosmic' forces through into our present reality, becoming aware of the infinite beauty and richness of the spiritual life beyond our 'everyday' awareness; secondly, because the author uses the vehicle of fiction and the imagination ... as a means of perceiving another reality and view of life ... what might be called a mythological consciousness."

Sara Miller, White Plains. Review 1977 (US) about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"Makes good reading as adventure, fantasy and historical fiction combined."

The Augustan, No.99 (US) about The Son Of The Sun
"Moyra Caldecott's novel is a good one, highly recommended."

New Life Magazine, March/April 1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"Not only gripping exciting stories which keep up a good pace, these three books have much to teach about psychic and spiritual awareness; about the discovery of our own powers and uniting them with the greater ones of the whole. The intricate threads of the tapestry of karma are woven carefully into the stories and thus much of its meaning is explained. �vivid, lucid prose �"

Fort Wayne News Sentinal, 22nd July 1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"[Moyra Caldecott] knows how to re-create ancient Britain and its mysteries with extreme vividness."

Wrekin Trust News, Summer 1981 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"... novels in which she gives a vivid and imaginative picture of what these ancient structures could have meant, and by implication, what they might still mean as temples of light."

Publishers Weekly, May 1978 about Guardians Of The Tall Stones:
"With imaginative plausibility a wealth of ancient culture is easily manipulated by Ms. Caldecott into an interesting storyline."


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