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Extracts from some of the letters received by Moyra Caldecott about her books. Please note that the authors names have been withheld.

"I am not sure if this letter will every reach you, nor why, exactly, that I feel the need to write - never having done this kind of thing before. I simply wanted to say �thank you�, for sharing your beautiful visions. There is a power and a magic in your writings that I feel derives its source from truth - a truth taken from the past but a key to the creation of the new age that�s about to dawn.
"I discovered your trilogy [ Guardians of the Tall Stones] in the public library while I was in the last months of my pregnancy. Having finished the first book I had begun reading the second one when I went into labor. I took the book with me to the hospital and my husband read the chapter, The Birth of Isar, while I labored. Hearing it read to me helped me bear in mind what an amazing and special thing was happening despite the pain and mess. For your help in the birth of my daughter - I thank you.
"I hope you continue to write. You have a rare gift of a clear vision of all that is spiritual. I�ve shared your works with several friends and we are agreed that your books are quite special."

"I couldn't put these books down - the tales held me enthralled and the esoteric knowledge comforted me."

"I found it exciting. You express neatly experiences that most of us don�t begin to describe. It also contains some very clear instructions for developing intuitive skills."

"I enjoyed the books very much and found that they gave me a lot to think about. I hope you will be writing more books in a similar vein. Thank you for the pleasure you have given me with your books."

"I�ve already read your first book. I couldn�t put it down and am taking the second one away with me. There are many important instructions for how to walk �on the path' interspersed within the story. Now I am curious to know how you have arrived at these."

"I am so enjoying The Tall Stones and it is getting more and more exciting. You must indeed be psychic and inspired to write what you have written."

"This is a little letter of thanks for you � to thank you for putting just about all my feelings and beliefs into one of the most beautiful stories I�ve ever read. I suppose the book will be read just as a story, but to me they are a great deal more than that. There have been many 'text books� written on the subjects which you have included in these books, but the beautiful, flowing and sensitive way in which you have woven them into your tale surpasses all these. It is so inspiring."

"I have been very much moved by these books, because it seems to me that you really know about the things of which you write, in a way that few people do nowadays. A great deal is written and talked about such matters, but the knowledge displayed is generally flawed by misunderstandings."

"I enjoyed them immensely. A great deal of wisdom and gentle teaching in a very readable form - acceptable to a wide range of people."

"Your books have given me insight�"

"It has given me enormous depth of new thought - thanks."

"I just had to write a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book The Tall Stones. I was a little sceptical whether I would like the book after reading the brief synopsis at the back: but after starting it I was literally unable to put it down � it really kept me enthralled. I am now on the second of the trilogy and am just as thrilled. Thank you for giving me such pleasure."

"Your books are so marvellous, they have been one of the renewing experiences in my life."

"They go so unerringly to the pure sources of life that it lifts the spirit to read them."

"I wanted to write to you to say how very much I enjoyed your trilogy and how much I benefited from them. They were lent to me by a friend, at a time in my life which was rather harrowing and so the timing was right: your words and your message had a wonderful effect! Thank you. I hope that a new publisher can be found for your trilogy: it is too good to be out of print."


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