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Child of the Dark Star
by Moyra Caldecott
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Availability: Electronic editions only
Publisher: Mushroom eBooks
ISBN: 1899142509 (Gemstar)
Publication Date: February 2001
Copyright date: 1984, 2001
Price: $4.99



A science fantasy novel set on an alien planet where the astrologers have created an oppressive caste system, and mysterious hidden rulers act through a malevolent crystal skull.

"There was a planet once called Earth. Its people, scattered like seeds before the wind, came to rest on Agaron� "

"Had this moment of destruction come then from such a small beginning? Could even an Astrologer have foretold that a girl gathering crops in a field, filled with the love of her unborn child, would lead to the scene now before him�
Or is there ever a beginning?
Hope, like a small leaf unfurling from a dark and wrinkled seed, pushed out from his aching heart� If there is never a beginning will there ever be an end?"



"I read Child of the Dark Star from cover to cover. It flows from chapter to chapter and at no time could I have put it aside. I think it's a winner." D Barrett

"...a good and original theme with deep meaning. I feel all astrologers should read it - one comes across so much superstition and misunderstanding about free will." R Fitzpatrick (an astrologer)

"I have been reading Child of the Dark Star since its arrival and can't put it down. I would definitely say it is one of your best. I was riveted." N Pearson

"Your books are so marvellous, they have been one of the renewing experiences in my life." J Ciner Levine

"They go so unerringly to the pure sources of life that it lifts the spirit to read them." K Herbert

Publishing History:

1984: Bran's Head Books, UK, ISBN 0905220455, 162pp. paperback. Out of Print.

February 2001: Mushroom eBooks, Bath, England, ISBN 1899142509, Gemstar eBook

July 2001: Mushroom eBooks, Bath, England. Microsoft Reader format and Adobe pdf format.


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