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The Tower and the Emerald
by Moyra Caldecott
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Copyright Date:
1985, 2000
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$4.99 (£3.50 approx.)
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First published in Great Britain in 1985 by Hamlyn Paperbacks. A hardcover edition was subsequently published in 1986 by Century Hutchinson Ltd.



Set in a legendary Britain of long ago, The Tower and the Emerald is an epic fantasy of good and evil, magic and mystery.

Viviane is a beautiful Celtic princess who stands at the heart of the novel's conflict between the powers of Light and Darkness. And she unwittingly unravels the spell that binds the spirit of the evil Idoc within a circle of tall stones. Once released from his age-long bondage, the sorcerer-priest is able to use his powers to seek vengeance against those responsible for his original enslavement - including the Princess Viviane and her lover.

With Idoc in possession of the body of Prince Caradawc, her betrothed, Viviane can no longer judge safely between friend and foe, between this life and previous incarnations. Yet to rescue Caradawc from his nightmare, she must risk everything to reach the dreaded dark tower where Idoc awaits. And, success will only be hers if she is able to find the all-powerful emerald which belonged to the archangel Lucifer in ancient and other days.

There follows a search for spiritual grace which is beautifully depicted and which includes all the timeless ingredients of legend.

Inspiration for this Dark Ages novel sprang from three sources. Firstly, an extraordinary psychic experience in an ancient Stone Circle in England; secondly, Moyra Caldecott's curiosity about the mysterious Black Knight who frequently challenged the Knights of King Arthur's Court; and thirdly, the powerful legend that an emerald had been lost from the crown of the Archangel Lucifer when he fell from heaven.


Reviews of The Tower and the Emerald:

"A spell-binding mixture." Sunderland Echo.


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