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Twins of the Tylwyth Teg
by Moyra Caldecott
Bladud Books

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Publisher: Bran's Head Books
Copyright Date: June 1983
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0905220501
Price: �1.70
Availability: Out of Print

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This book now forms part of Three Celtic Tales, which is now available in several eBook formats. For more information, please see


This short book is based on a well known story in Welsh folklore about a herd boy who marries a faery from under the lake. Before her father will allow her to marry him however, he has to choose between her and her identical twin sister. The traditional story follows the faery who marries the human and lives above the lake, but it does not tell us what happened to the rejected one. I tell the traditional tale, but give additional material to suggest the life of the twin who continues in the faery world under the lake.


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