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A biographical sketch

Written in the mid-nineties by Moyra…

  • Born in 1927 in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Started academic career by obtaining degrees in English Literature and Philosophy.
  • Briefly lectured in English Literature at university level.
  • Married in 1951.
  • Raised three children and had a most interesting and stimulating life as the wife of Oliver Caldecott in London from 1951 to 1989. (Oliver was an editor at Penguin, Readers Union, and Hutchinson and founded his own publishing firm Wildwood House with his partner Dieter Pevsner. His last editorial post was at Rider, for Century Hutchinson. He was also a very good artist.)
  • Took evening classes in palaeontology (geology always a favourite subject), religious studies and mythology.
  • Was secretary of the Dulwich Group in the ‘sixties, a most successful poetry reading group. Read a lot. Wrote books. Met many interesting people and had many interesting discussions. Travelled a lot.
  • Moved to Bath in 1989.
  • Her life has also been enriched by the interests of her children: Religion – Conservation – Art.
  • She has had various experiences she considers to be ‘paranormal’, including a dramatic healing from angina. She gives talks to various personal growth and consciousness raising groups, and groups interested in the ancient sacred sites of Britain.
  • Her most successful book so far, Guardians Of The Tall Stones, is set in ancient Bronze Age Britain, and is required reading for some groups visiting the sacred sites of Britain from America. It has been in print continuously since 1977.
  • Myths and legends are a particular passion and she follows Jung and Joseph Campbell in believing that they are not ‘just’ stories but actually deep and meaningful expressions of the universal and eternal in the human psyche.
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  • ancorp@mweb.co.za 19th January 2012, 10:59 pm

    Hi Moyra
    Nice to know you were also from Pretoria.
    I am enjoying your book , ‘the Ghost of Akhenaten’ The reason I found you on the internet, is because I had a channeled message through a well known medium telling me that i am a reincarnation of Akhenaten ( To believe it is hard) So I researched the internet and came across your book. How can so many people have the same experience ?