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Guardians of the Tall Stones now available as a Kindle ebook

Guardians of the Tall Stones by Moyra Caldecott, is now available exclusively for the Kindle from Amazon. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

The blurb:

An ancient community is threatened by the evil designs of a corrupt and ambitious priest, and its only defence is the courageous young psychic Kyra.

The Guardians of the Tall Stones is set in Bronze Age Britain, a time when magic existed in the workings of everyday life and the threat of evil loomed in the shadows. This book contains four novels.

The Tall Stones
Kyra’s village is threatened by the evil designs of Wardyke, a corrupt and ambitious priest, and she is its only defence. But to defend her community, Kyra must enter the forbidden circle of stones and call upon its unseen, mystical powers…

The Temple of the Sun
Kyra, the courageous young psychic we met in The Tall Stones, undertakes the hazardous journey with Karne and Fern to the Sacred Temple, where Kyra is to receive her training as a priestess and renew her love for the Lord Khu-ren. But a malevolent spirit still opposes them, and its influence has already permeated the sanctity of the Temple. Kyra is forced once again to face the evil Magician-Priest, Wardyke, whose thirst for revenge and power threatens the balance between good and evil…

Shadow on the Stones
Kyra, priest of the Temple of the Sun, and her husband the Lord Khu-ren, have guided their civilisation to a time of spiritual strength, psychic energy, and communal peace. But there is a shadow on the Stones — the spreading influence of the terrible god Groth, dark god of chaos and barbarity. Only the priests of the Temple possess the power to resist the tides of destruction…

The Silver Vortex
Deva is the beautiful and headstrong daughter of the High Priest of the greatest of the mighty stone circles. She seeks to master the arts of sorcery in order to reclaim her lover from a previous incarnation. Now, trapped by a desire she cannot control, she risks more than herself, and puts the whole community in danger…

For more info, please see the Guardians of the Tall Stones page on mushroom-ebooks.com.

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