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Moyra Caldecott, 1 June 1927 – 23 May 2015

Moyra was born and raised in South Africa, and studied English to Master’s level at the University of Natal.  She met Oliver Caldecott† when she was lecturing at the University of Cape Town, joined him in London in 1951, and married him there.  They raised three children (Stratford†, Julian and Rachel), and moved to Bath in 1987.  Moyra was a prolific writer of poems and novels, building a reputation as a vivid writer on the adventures and experiences of the inner world of human consciousness as well as the outer world of history and society (see: www.moyracaldecott.co.uk).  By gathering intelligence through normal and paranormal means, Moyra created epic tales of wonder and adventure set intimately within the extraordinary worlds of 18th Dynasty Egypt, pre-Celtic Britain, Ancient Crete, pre-Roman Bath and elsewhere, including planets other than our own (see: www.mushroom-ebooks.com).  In yet more books she re-told mythologies of crystals, trees and women, and poured her extra energies into craft arts such as pottery, batik and stained-glass.  Her poetry is particularly profound and moving, and much appreciated in poetic and story-telling circles in Bath, where she was once a city Bard.  With her passing, much wisdom and love has been released into the world that had been contained in flesh.  A celebration of her life will be held in or near Bath in the Summer.

Julian Caldecott


A poem ‘I have no permanence …’ by Moyra, from her book The Breathless Pause (2009):

I have no permanence
as the thought of God.
He may not think me
as I am,
with name
and birthday
and little bag of tricks.

But That which is He
is Whole and not divided
and everything that Is
is He.

So in Him
my spirit rides eternally
like a drop of water
in the sea.

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