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Multi-Dimensional Time: Part 5

Although this evening I am talking about different types of time – of course I know that there are no clear categories in real life. What I call Linear Time runs into Physical Time, and Physical Time runs into Psychological Time, not to mention Dream and Memory Time. That is why I use the term ‘multi-dimensional’, because although they are different and have their own characteristics and influences, they happen to us simultaneously; they are part of the ‘wholeness’ of our experience.

Under the heading of Psychic Time I would include experiences of psychometry, pre-cognition and automatic writing.

An example of psychometry from my own life occurred when I was given a photograph in a closed envelope and told to hold it and try to ‘see’ it and report what I saw. I described a small impish boy with a cap looking rather like a street urchin at the time of Dickens. My friend showed me the photograph. It was of an elderly lady in black satin sitting at a writing desk. Then, with a smile, he showed me a sketch of the boy I had seen. It seemed he was the spirit guide of the medium in the photograph. So I had ‘scored’ after all. On another occasion I held a stranger’s locket and got an overwhelming felling of suicide. It turned out to have been given to her by her lover at Masada in the Middle East, a place made famous by the suicide of hundreds of Jews during the siege by the Romans in 73AD.

Pre-cognition, premonition and prophecy have always bothered me because I don’t like to think we have no free will – that everything is ordained and pre-determined. When I try to accommodate it in my thinking I come up with the image of a football match, the rules of which, and the roles of each of the players, are pre-determined, but the outcome is still uncertain because it is dependant on the free will actions of the players within the given framework.

I have one case of prophecy to report from my own life. At the age of eighteen some friends and I were experimenting with a Ouija board to contact the dead. We became quite carried away by it, as it seemed to be giving us remarkably relevant and accurate answers to our questions. So relevant and accurate indeed that we became frightened and decided to stop. At our last session one of my friends was told that she would die at twenty-seven, and I would die at thirty-five. When she twenty-seven she did die! So when I reached thirty-five I was very uneasy, even to the point of not wanting to fly because I was convinced the plane would crash. My sensible, sceptical husband talked me out of it and I went on the flight. It did not crash. In fact, as you can see, I am still alive. Did my friend bring about her own death because she believed the prophecy? Certainly African witch-doctors and West Indian Voodoo practitioners can bring about death by fear. Something in my own life changed considerably when I was thirty-five. So, in a sense, the ‘old’ me did die then. Was the prediction was correct – but merely misinterpreted?

If prophets and prophecies exist we have to be careful, remembering the witches in Macbeth who make two correct predictions and thus arouse expectation in Macbeth that their third will also be correct. He brings about the third by his own efforts.

‘Automatic writing’ I think also come into the category of Psychic Time. As it is usually understood, a person can be ‘overshadowed’ by a spirit from the Otherworld to write or draw or compose music. There have been some well documented cases of famous artists, writers or composers ‘coming back from the dead’ to finish unfinished business this way. An experience of this type of my own occurred one morning when I woke from a deep sleep. The person in my dream continued speaking while I was waking, and, without realising what I was doing I wrote down what he was saying. When I read it through at the end, it made profound sense. Unfortunately when I was awake I could not remember who the person was, though in my dream I knew exactly who he was.

Atman was given the secret of the universe as a gift. He was pleased, but he didn’t know what to do with it. At first he tested it in all kinds of ways to find out what it was, but failing to get a satisfactory answer he hung it on a tree as decoration. And then he forgot it.

So it stayed for a long time… an unconsidered trifle… until one day someone came by who recognised it and asked if he might have it.

Atman gladly parted with it in exchange for an artefact and went off satisfied that he had struck a good bargain, rejoicing in his newly acquired treasure.

The one who now had the secret of the universe saw that it was a seed and planted it in his garden, rejoicing in its shade in the heat of the day and was filled with great reverence and love.

All things were clear to him.

All things were good.

Meanwhile Atman began to grow dissatisfied and miserable. The artefact no longer pleased him. He was bored with it. He had done whatever there was to be done with it on the first day and thereafter he could find out nothing new about it.

The man who had the Secret of the Universe however was never bored, its variations were infinite, his interest in it ever deepening.

At last Atman, having realised his mistake came to the man and asked for it back. But now the price was so high Atman could not pay it.

He went away and worked for endless aeons to earn the price of the thing he had sold so carelessly and so cheaply before. “When I get it back,” he though, “I will ever let it go, for indeed, it is the only thing worth having.”

At that moment the man standing under the Tree of Life reached out to him and gave him freely of its fruit.

[Moyra Caldecott, Child of the Dark Star]

Leading on from this I would raise the vexed question of ‘ghosts’.

There are so many reports of ghosts (and I myself once experienced one) that I am inclined to believe in them. But what they are I don’t know. Are they impressions of past lives left in a place rather like a video recording that was made and not quite wiped away – some technical hitch in the Akashic Records and the passing of Linear Time? Or are there indeed souls who were detached from their bodies at death and are still clinging to their old lives on earth instead of moving on through the many and complex realms of the Afterlife?

I am sure we have all had gloomy, fearful impressions in a place, only to find out later that it was the site of a dreadful battle, or a horrific murder.

If Linear Time is the only sort of Time we experience, how can we thus ‘tune in’ to events that have already past as though they are still present? We don’t know how it can be, but we have noticed that a strong emotional charge seems to be a necessary part of it (as with telepathy) and a certain kind of sensitivity is necessary to ‘pick them up’.

More soon…

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