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Myths of the Sacred Tree

From the blurb:

“Essential to life on earth since the beginning of time, trees hold a special place in our collective consciousness: rooted in the earth, reaching skyward, nourished by the elements, and enlivened by the sap running through their veins, they provide a living metaphor for what it means to be human. Trees have figured prominently in the myths of all people – from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to the bodhi tree of Buddha’s enlightenment – representing the unfolding of the human spirit through the experiences of life on earth.

“Moyra Caldecott has gathered here a collection of myths celebrating the rich symbolism of trees. Included are myths from African, European, Native American, Russian, Indian, Arabian, and many other traditions, all bringing to life a time when the natural world was deeply respected and trees and forests were thought to be inhabited by spirits and divine beings.

“This reverence for nature, still maintained by indigenous peoples, is reflected today in the emphasis placed by the environmental movement on the protection of trees. Bound by the organized structure of modern life, the human spirit yearns for the wildness and freedom of primal nature represented by forests in their natural state. Caldecott’s book has captured and given voice to this spirit. Fifteen majestic ink washes by London based artist Anthea Toorchen illuminate the myths and lend the text a beauty of there own.”

Publisher: Destiny Books, US
Copyright Date: July 1993
Format: 214pp. Paperback
ISBN: 0892814144
Price: $12.99
Availability: In Print

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