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Women in Celtic Myth

“The truth about living in the universe is elusive, exciting, and mysterious and it is in the pursuit of that mystery that we find all that is worth having, including ourselves.” (from the Introduction)

“In Celtic myth, the mixture of wise spiritual teaching and dramatic imagery creates new, potent, and disturbing visions. This selection of eleven stories, some more than 3,000 years old, focuses on the women of ancient British mythology, from the formidable women warriors who trained heroes to fight and kill, to the beautiful companions who led them to higher realms of feminine intuition and spiritual wisdom. Caldecott goes beyond a mere recounting of female strength, providing lucid personal commentary that illuminates the complete myth and the culture from which it springs. These powerful stories transmit a recognition of the mystery of being and an understanding of the powerful magic of inner transformation.

“Moyra Caldecott, author of more than 16 books and novels set in prehistoric times, including Guardians of the Tall Stones and Crystal Legends, has devoted the major portion of her life to collecting and examining myths and legends across the world. Women in Celtic Myth shows how these tales form a code of universal symbolic importance in expressing the eternal journey of the human spirit.” (from the blurb)

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